Gregory can help on your project as a musician with recommendations or playing too if needed.   Gregory plays electric guitar (lead and rhythm), acoustic guitar, bass guitar, drum programming, synthesizer and hand percussion including congas and bongos.  He has added his own playing to support many projects, and he’s available to help on yours if needed.  Gregory has written and recorded over 100 songs of his own, with 8 albums available on all the streaming platforms, including Spotify, iTunes, Pandora, and Soundcloud.

Gregory is a videographer as well, combining his music with synchronized video footage that he shoots. You can find his music videos on

And finally, Gregory also provides post production for video and film projects. Gregory was sound designer for the short movie Logging Town and for the soon-to-be-released feature film Killing Margery Keller. He captures foley effects, ambient backgrounds, records dialogue ADR, and mixing of the entire audio tracks.