Standing Wave is a fully professional recording studio in terms of look, atmosphere, and equipment. It is small by some standards, but we think of it as intimate. A single room arrangement like ours has advantages.  The recording engineer works directly with you in a relaxed setting.  Larger studios, with the two-way glass and control room configurations, can intimidate clients, especially ones who are new to recording or just developing as artists. Communication and encouragement are much easier face-to-face. 

Standing Wave was built from the ground up to be a recording studio.  It has double air-lock doors, wood flooring, two layers of 5/8th’s drywall separated by z-strips, staggered studs to prevent sound transmission, and full acoustic treatment on walls and ceiling.  Acoustic treatment includes foam panels, diffusers, and bass traps.  The room exudes confidence.

OK, here's the obligitory information about equipment. Recording is digital, using Cubase Pro 11 software and a RAMSA automated digital console. Monitors are Mackie HR824's.  Equipment brands include: Alesis, Behringer, Audio Technica, Boss, Drawmer, ART, DBX, Blue, CAD, Egnater, Electrovoice, AKG, Fostex, Digitech, Mesa Boogie, Music Man, Guild, Fender, Hofner, Breedlove, TASCAM, Sony, Carvin, Universal Audio, Spectrasonics, Rode, Shure and Latin Percussion.  Oh yes, and everything's captured on a lightning-fast 16-core 2019 Mac Pro computer.

The studio also includes an 88-key digital piano with weighted action, a Yamaha keyboard, and a Yamaha Motif rack-mounted module with plenty of pristine piano options and sound patches to choose from.