Mic record

Recording captures the best of what you do. Whether it's a demo or a polished commercial project, you need someone who hears what you express and records it professionally. We select the proper microphones, find the sweet spot for each one, set optimal record levels, and organize recorded tracks so everything makes sense at mixdown. It's called engineering because of the complex equipment and skills required to obtain crystal clear recordings. You perform, we record - really well.

Mixing is a distinct step in the recording process. Here, we tweak and edit your performances. Mixing takes your recorded tracks and assembles them into a final version of your work. A well-mixed song achieves depth, clarity and wide stereo spread. The process involves setting proper levels for each recorded track, panning instruments across the audio stage to create realism, adjusting the EQ (tone) to establish a balanced sound, and using compression to make sure each instrument and voice is distinct. Final touches might involve adding effects like reverb, chorus, or flange. Add salt to taste.

A producer is a partner in the recording process who gives opinions and ideas about how to create the best outcome. Producing elevates your basic ideas and shapes them into memorable songs and projects that are professional quality. This might mean rearranging a song for greater impact, or adding new instruments as the song unfolds. Varying the dynamic range of the song, adding harmonies, or sound effects to sustain listener interest are additional considerations. Producing also means recording enough takes of a part to ensure a great performance. Greg, the engineer at Standing Wave Music, can fill the producer role if your project needs this kind of creative input.

Standing Wave can also provide musical help on your recordings. We contribute electric guitars, acoustic guitars, keyboards, bass, congas, percussion and drum programming, if you don't already have a drummer. We'll even help you finish off your lyrics, or chord structure for a song, along with choosing the instruments that will help your project stand out.



Standing Wave Music captures the live experience of your recital or performance.   Our Sony PCM-D50 field recorder accurately captures the performance in full 24-bit stereo.  The recording is then processed and edited back at the studio. The result is a 'just close your eyes and you were there" experience. These are audio archives of significant events - treasure them.



Standing Wave can take the photos and videos of your special event and create a vibrant movie with motion, color, and music.  The final product is a DVD that looks and plays like a professional project with menus, chapters, titles and credits.  Still photos become transformed into movie clips when panning and zooming are added to create motion effects.  Add your favorite music in the background, and the outcome is captivating.  These “photo soundscapes” make meaningful gifts and provide a way to share special experiences.